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a major player in the optical sector

Antoine and Julien met in Brittany in autumn 1999. They became fast friends and then flatmates when they moved to Paris a few years later. One evening after returning from holiday, they set themselves the challenge of creating wooden glasses at an affordable price. After several years of development, they finalised the project by launching a small collection, before Julien left for Australia: WAITING FOR THE SUN was born!

WAITING FOR THE SUN accessories and objects express the designers’ particular interest in raw materials and the search for unusual applications.

WAITING FOR THE SUN develops and targets its collaborations with technical partners, labels and artists within this dynamic of innovation.

WAITING FOR THE SUN’s unique technical, graphic and artistic universe enables the brand to play an active role in today’s fashion trends, while at the same time asserting its uniqueness.

After 4 years of working with wood, WAITING FOR THE SUN is launching a new material in autumn 2013: BOIS2. A technical feat, this new kind of material is 100% recyclable and recycled, 100% natural and 100% biodegradable… while retaining the qualities sought after in acetate.
WAITING FOR THE SUN has also decided to launch a new range called SLASH, made from high-quality, hand-crafted acetate.

Always in a relaxed spirit, but also with an alternative vision of the economy, WAITING FOR THE SUN is now aiming to establish itself as a major player in the optical sector, without losing its interest in sustainable development.